Strak in het pak of lekker zomers met alle knoopjes open op het strand. Of je nu gaat voor een Surfvibe of voor een lumberjack style met de flanellen hemden, bij Stoked ga je in stijl naar huis. Voor welke gelegenheid ook, hier vind je het gepaste hemd voor jouw look. We got you! More info

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As soon as skaters and boarders started making their own equipment, clothing has become part of the world of boarding. Sturdy and stylish shirts are part of that. Specialized brands design their gear down to the smallest details for a comfortable ride in style. By wearing clothes from your favorite boarding brands you show your support for what those riders do and share their boarding vibe.

Good stuff

A shirt from your favorite brand is more than just support. You also get something in return. Because sponsored riders wear these clothes when boarding, manufacturers use only comfy, breathable and sturdy fabrics and techniques that can take a beating. The length of the sleeves, the thickness of the buttons, the cut of the seams or the neckline - both the construction and the details are dedicated to the boarding lifestyle. You don't just share the skate, snow and longboarding vibe, you do it in gear that still looks fresh after yet another hardcore session.

Stoked style

That's why at Stoked Boardshop, we always have a selection of shirts from brands we stand behind, like Volcom, Adidas, Nike SB, Huf and Vans. With the patterns and designs we find steezy ourselves. The bomb!