Longboards zijn gemaakt om lange afstanden te skaten en/of enorme snelheden te maken. Omdat ze vaak meer stabiliteit en controle geven, zijn longboards geschikt voor iedere boarder. Met een veelzijdigheid aan disciplines, vind iedereen zijn plezier in de sport. More info

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Offshore Baja 39.5 Offshore Baja 39.5 Sector 9

Offshore Baja 39.5" Complete Longboard

Roundhouse Great White Longboard 34 Roundhouse Great White Longboard 34 Sector 9

Roundhouse Great White Longboard 34" White/Blue

Split Hand Drop Down Black 37.52 Split Hand Drop Down Black 37.52 Santa Cruz

Split Hand Drop Down Black 37.52" Complete Longboard

Classic Dot Longboard 36 Classic Dot Longboard 36 Santa Cruz

Classic Dot Longboard 36" Black

Moto Fades Pink/Orange/Teal 37 Moto Fades Pink/Orange/Teal 37 Dusters

Moto Fades Pink/Orange/Teal 37" Complete Longboard

Predator Green 34 Predator Green 34 Dusters

Predator Green 34" Complete Longboard

Cruisin Chrome 37 Cruisin Chrome 37 Dusters

Cruisin Chrome 37" Complete Longboard

Culture Pintail 33 Dusters

Culture Pintail 33" Complete Longboard

Decoder Roskopp Black/Red 37.52 Santa Cruz

Decoder Roskopp Black/Red 37.52" Complete Longboard

Prismatic Dot Drop Thru 36 Prismatic Dot Drop Thru 36 Santa Cruz

Prismatic Dot Drop Thru 36" Complete Longboard

Dervish Sama 42.8 Dervish Sama 42.8 Loaded

Dervish Sama 42.8" Complete Longboard

Basalt Tesseract 39 Basalt Tesseract 39 Loaded

Basalt Tesseract 39" Complete Longboard

Obscure Hand Drop Down Black 37.52 Obscure Hand Drop Down Black 37.52 Santa Cruz

Obscure Hand Drop Down Black 37.52" Complete Longboard

Channel Blooming Black/White 38 Channel Blooming Black/White 38 Dusters

Channel Blooming Black/White 38" Complete Longboard

Cobra Teal/Off White 38 Cobra Teal/Off White 38 Dusters

Cobra Teal/Off White 38" Complete Longboard

Dig It Bamboo/Orange 40 Dusters

Dig It Bamboo/Orange 40" Complete Longboard

Wanderlust Teal/Purple 47 Wanderlust Teal/Purple 47 Dusters

Wanderlust Teal/Purple 47" Complete Longboard

Wave Dot Splice Drop Thru 36 Wave Dot Splice Drop Thru 36 Santa Cruz

Wave Dot Splice Drop Thru 36" Complete Longboard

California Dreaming Neon Green 40 Dusters

California Dreaming Neon Green 40" Longboard

Artist Fish Multi 37 Artist Fish Multi 37 Arbor

Artist Fish Multi 37" Longboard

Solstice B4BC Fish Multi 37 Solstice B4BC Fish Multi 37 Arbor

Solstice B4BC Fish Multi 37" Longboard

Groundswell Mission Multi 35 Groundswell Mission Multi 35 Arbor

Groundswell Mission Multi 35" Longboard

Groundswell Rally Multi 30.5 Groundswell Rally Multi 30.5 Arbor

Groundswell Rally Multi 30.5" Longboard

Channel Dragonfly Camo/Teal 38 Channel Dragonfly Camo/Teal 38 Dusters

Channel Dragonfly Camo/Teal 38" Longboard

Ocean Lovers Purple 36 Ocean Lovers Purple 36 Dusters

Ocean Lovers Purple 36" Longboard

Zen Teal 38 Zen Teal 38 Dusters

Zen Teal 38" Longboard

Fleur Blue 38.5 Fleur Blue 38.5 Dusters

Fleur Blue 38.5" Longboard

Channel Snakeskin Neon Green 38 Channel Snakeskin Neon Green 38 Dusters

Channel Snakeskin Neon Green 38" Longboard

Rad Dot Pintail 33 Rad Dot Pintail 33 Santa Cruz

Rad Dot Pintail 33" Black/Multicolored Complete Cruiser

Trance Drop Through Sol 40 Trance Drop Through Sol 40 Madrid

Trance Drop Through Sol 40" Longboard Complete

Trance Drop Through Jaguar 40 Trance Drop Through Jaguar 40 Madrid

Trance Drop Through Jaguar 40" Longboard

Flame Dot Pintail Cruzer 33 Flame Dot Pintail Cruzer 33 Santa Cruz

Flame Dot Pintail Cruzer 33" Longboard

Dot Splatter Pintail 33 Dot Splatter Pintail 33 Santa Cruz

Dot Splatter Pintail 33" Longboard


A Lonboard You buy to skate smooth, stable & higher speeds through the streets. They have wider trucks, large wheels and more board. Because of this you have more place to put your feet and you have more stability at higher speeds. The Kingpin (rotary axis) of longboards are facing out for a smoothhead, which often looks like snowboarding. With a longboard, the soil can already be a bit rougher, you can easily cross it thanks to the larger wheels.

Choose longboard.
Are you at a first visit overwhelmed by the large selection of longboards? No need, we will make you familiarize yourself. For example, we help you tune your longboard to the driving style that you choose. So with a shorter longboard you can turn a bit more fantel and it is easy to carry. A drop-through longboard is somewhat lower again at the ground, making you easier push. Those very long boards that are dancers. This allows you to make nice freestyle and dancing while you roll. If the BoardShop front and through boarders we know exactly which longboard fits you exactly and we enjoy the questions you have.

Complete longboard or assemble.
Starting riders may be better off with a complete longboard. These boards are assembled by the factory in advance and have everything to start immediately. These complete longboards also come out more cheaper in terms of budget. Some parts are extinguished sooner than others. You can also buy and replace the loose parts such as wheels, hardware and bearings with us.

Longboard brands.
Because of the many brands, sometimes you no longer see the forest through the trees. That is why we only distribute the brands in our online skateshop that we are satisfied as boarder. All brands of Longboards such as Santa Cruz, Dusters, Madrid, Arbor and more were tested and approved by our Stoked Sponsored Riders. These brands are in stark contrast to the cheap plastic longboards from toy stores that break very quickly and have parts that are not replaceable and unmanageable. So choose a real skateboard brand so that you have fun of your favorite sport and can learn.

Service for and through boarders.
In addition to targeted advice and qualitative material to a chille price, you always get a top service from us. We fully assemble the different parts such as trucks, cruiser wheels and ball bearings that you buy at Stoked Boardshop. That is our service.