Skateboard protection

Met gepaste bescherming kan je veilig en onbevreesd leren skaten. Hier vind je kwaliteitsvolle beschermers voor knieën, ellebogen en polsen. Ze zorgen voor meer vertrouwen en een snellere leercurve. Skatepads zijn dus voor iedereen die graag ongeschonden blijft. Handige tips en de maattabel vind je in de Buyers Guide. More info
Skateboard protection

Buy skateboard protection.
You do that at a real skate shop such as Stoked Boardshop.
We are practicing all the sports that we sell materials.
This way you always get the right advice in our stores and in our online skate shop.
Protection is certainly useful during the learning process to remain intact.
This way you can gain extra confidence and make more progress.

Size chart Skateboard Protection Junior

Product Measure One
Junior set Knee
Thigh bone
Junior Set Elbow Low biceps
20-23 cm
Junior set Wrist
14-17 cm


Size chart Skateboard Protection Youth & Adults

Product Measure S M L XL
Basic set Knee
Thigh bone
34-38cm 38-42cm 42-46cm
Basic set of Elbow Low biceps 26-29cm 29-32 cm 32-35 cm
Basic Set Wrist Palm 17-19 cm 19-21cm 21-23 cm
Wristguard pro Palm 17-19 cm 19-21cm 21-23cm 23-25cm


When picking out your skateboard protection is the measure of great importance.
So take the circumference of your thigh, lower biceps and palm to determine the size of your protection set.

Elbow, knee - and wrist protection
Knees, wrists and elbows catch during the learning phase of skateboarding that blows. Therefore it is recommended to certainly protect it in young and novice skaters. That way, you avoid not only injuries but you get more confidence and you can easily make progress because you're afraid that little bit more.

skateboard Helmets
Proper protection is highly dependent on a skateboard helmet. We recommend beginners to intermediate skateboarders sure to wear a skateboard helmet serious injuries to prevent the head. Concrete namely not forgive and then a helmet or place. We also find a wide range of quality skateboard helmets, so definitely take a look.