Basic-set Safety Pack Black
Basic-set Safety Pack Black
Basic-set Safety Pack Black
Basic-set Safety Pack Black
Basic-set Safety Pack Black

TSG Basic-set Safety Pack Black

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The TSG Basic-set Safety Pack Black contains elbow, knee and wrist guards in 1 convenient package.
These three areas absorb some blows during the learning phase of skateboarding. Therefore it is recommended to protect these areas for young and starting skaters.
In this way you not only prevent injuries but you also gain confidence and you can progress more easily because you dare just that little bit more.

The elbow and knee pads feature an EVA foam cup & hard PE to provide protection from impact and abrasion.


  • 1 Basic Set pack contains 2 knee pads, 2 elbow pads and 2 wrist pads.
  • EVA Foam offers great shock absorbing properties so you are protected on impact.
  • The hardshell covered pads reduce friction against the ground in the event of a fall. They also give you maximum protection against impacts with sharp objects or falls from greater heights.
  • The contoured and articulated design provides unlimited comfort and a superior fit.
  • The custom horseshoe shape of the protectors nicely surrounds the knee and elbow. As a result, this skate protection fits perfectly around the protected joints.
  • Pull-over design minimizes slippage and keeps the pad firmly in place during action.

Size chart Skateboarding protection Junior

Product Size One
Junior set Knee
Junior set Elbow Lower Biceps
Set wrist

Size Chart Skateboarding Protection Youth & Adults

Product Size S M L XL
Basic Set Knee
34-38cm 38-42cm 42-46cm
Basic Set Elbow Low Biceps 26-29cm 29-32cm 32-35cm
Basic Set Wrist Palm 17cm - 19cm 19-21cm 21-23cm
Wristguard Pro Palm 17-19cm 19-21cm 21-23cm 23-25cm

When choosing your skateboard protection, the size is very important.
Take the circumference of your thigh, lower bicep and palm to determine the size of your protection set.