Gift certificate

Stoked Boardshop Gift certificate

VAT 21% included


Do you want to surprise your friends or family for Christmas, New Year or a B-day and you haven't been able to make a choice yet? You have not yet bought a present but do not want to arrive empty-handed? Then the Stoked gift certificate is your thing.

The Stoked Gift Vouchers will be sent by e-mail to your order address immediately after your purchase. You only have to print it and it is ready to roll. A Stoked gift certificate is very strong because it never expires. You can use it in the Stoked store and online shop. If the recipient ever loses the voucher, then you have the code in your mailbox as a backup.

Would you still like to give a luxury version of the gift certificate? Then stop by the Stoked Store. We have it ready for you to pick up.


  • The Stoked Gift Certificate is valid indefinitely.
  • Use in the Stoked online shop and Stoked Store.
  • If you only use part of it, the rest of the balance remains valid on your voucher.
  • By using the code, you can always retrieve a lost voucher in your mailbox.