Skateboard Rails

Skateboard Deck Rails zijn weer terug van weggeweest. Deck rails zijn latjes van polyurethaan die je onderaan je deck monteert. Je krijgt niet enkel een oldschool-look, skate deck rails hebben ook verschillende voordelen. Zo verlengen ze de levensduur van je skateboard, zorgen ze voor betere slides en geven je meer grip bij grabs. Nog niet overtuigd? More info
Skateboard Rails

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Skateboard Rails not only protect the graphic of your board from scratches, it also makes it easier to slide over obstacles like rails, copings and ledges. Boardslide for days. These extra polyurethane sticks make your skateboard easier to hold, you can grab them for big air tricks & they increase the life of your board because they give extra resistance at impact. So if you like the oldskool skate vibe, give a set of skate rails a try. You can easily mount them yourself with 8 screws.


  • Protects your skateboard from scratches and rail impact
  • Boardslide longer and smoother thanks to extra smoothness of the rails
  • Increases the life of your board through extra rigidity
  • Old skool skateboard style points