Snowboard Accessories

Snowboard Accessories

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Snowboard maintenance

You will always find the necessary stuff to take care of your snowboard at the best price in the shops of Stoked or in our online board shop. We offer a wide range of snowboard waxes and tools for the assembly, use and maintenance of your snowboarding gear.

Snowboard tuning tools

These are the tools you need to assemble, adjust and maintain your board. Do you want to adjust your bindings on the slopes, or wax your base before heading into the mountains? At Stoked Boardshop, we have the tools we are happy with and have experience with.

Snowboard wax

The Stoked Brand Snowboard wax is specially developed by Stoked Brand boarders together with the wax professionals at Boardwax. They developed a special formula to wax your own snowboard. It is a so called hot wax that can be applied with the Dakine Tuning iron or a flat iron.