Womens Flame Logo Racerback Tank Black
Womens Flame Logo Racerback Tank Black
Womens Flame Logo Racerback Tank Black
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Thrasher Womens Flame Logo Racerback Tank Black

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The Womens Flame Logo Racerback Tank Black was developed by the iconic skateboard magazine Thrasher and is a gem for the ladies. With a blend of 50% polyester, 25% cotton and 25% rayon, this sexy tank top has a comfortable fit and is very durable. The unique texture drapes this tank top around the female body and has a slimming and sexy effect. So boys, treat your girls because say it yourself, how good does your chickie look in this tank top. Meowkes!


  • Material: 100% heavyweight pre-shrunk cotton.
  • Short sleeves.
  • Screen print on front.

Thrasher Magazine was founded in 1981 by photographer Kevin Thatcher, designer Eric Swenson and entrepreneur Fausto Vitello. The three of them skated together in California in the 70's and played an important role in the birth of the skateboarding industry as we know it today. Vitello co-founded for instance. Vitello co-founded Independent Trucks. The magazine is published by High Speed Productions, which also publishes SLAP (skateboarding magazine) and Juxtapoz (street art & culture magazine). Thrasher has become the most respected and leading skate magazine in the world. Like no other, it stands for the whole lifestyle and philosophy of skating from the early days.Rebellious, hardcore and with one goal: having fun.

From the beginning, Thrasher has promoted skateboarding as a form of expression. A skate park, films, new videos online every day and - last but not least - the infamous King Of The Road contest every year. In this way, Thrasher has created many legendary highlights in skate culture. While brands like RedBull or Nike bring a lot of money and new young skaters into the community, Thrasher guards the integrity and roots of what skating is really about. Skating hard and creatively without anything or anyone stopping you. Hell yeah.

At Stoked Boardshop, we stand behind this primal philosophy of skating. Besides, Thrasher graphics do not always have to be serious and we love it. Core skate looks with Thrasher at Stoked.